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    1. / Derek
      I called the Wildlife Welfare to report an injured wood pigeon in my back garden. The bird could not fly (shot in the wing, as it turns out). I explained the situation, and they were very helpful. They came round to the house and captured/examined the bird. The chap was great, and said he'd feed it, and try and sort the injury out. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the service, as they are obviously very dedicated to the care and welfare of birds. I'm very grateful for their help and assistance today, and very impressed with their professionalism, too. Cheers.
    2. / Jo
      I called regarding an abandoned baby Blackbird in my garden. Animal House collected within the hour. Fantastic! Thank you so much. Hope the wee fella makes it.
    3. / animal house
      hi there please put our other phone number on aswel as the one thats on it is 07807038553 thanks animal house
      • / HelpWildlife
        Sorted for you, thanks 🙂
    4. / HelpWildlife
      Listing reinstated and updated at rescue’s request. This includes a new phone number.
    5. / phil boyle
      what is the point of having a contact number if you cant get through & never answer??.....pointless!!!

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